Robert Cuccioli

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"They Call The Wind Maria" - Paint Your Wagon

Snow Orchid

Song of Solomon


Robert Cuccioli Backstage at Spider-Man (Sandi Durell Interview)

ABCNY - On the Couch


Introducing Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin -- Spider-Man

Backstage at Spider-man

Spider-man Opening Night Pre-Spider-man Interview


Chess (interview)


1776 Part 1


1776 Part 2


Kickstarter Project 2012



Love, Jealousy, Betrayal—It Could Only Be 'Othello'


Sound of Music - Pittsburgh CLO - Behind the Scenes Interview


Sound of Music - Pittsburgh CLO


Nine - Bob as "Guido" - Westchester Broadway Theatre

A Moon To Dance By - George Street Playhouse - "Angelo"


Les Miserables - Pittsburgh CLO - "Javert"


Copacabana - Pittsburgh CLO - "Ricco"


Robert Cuccioli- This is the Madlib


Jekyll & Hyde Compilation


Port of Amsterdam

This is the Moment - Rosie O'Donnell


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Interview at the Jekyll & Hyde club in New York


Lone Star Love - rehearsal video


America The Beautiful - cast of Jacques Brel

If We Only Have Love - Cast of Jacques Brel

Madeleine    -Cast of Jacques Brel


This is The Moment - The Today Show

Alive (reprise) Jekyll & Hyde Broadway


Transformation - Jekyll & Hyde Broadway




Dangerous Game - with Linda Eder


The Way Back - Jekyll & Hyde



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